Dell laptop freezes up while running on internal battery how to Fix?


Updating the BIOS software should fix the issue. Please find the link below from where you can download the BIOS software. I request you to connect the Ac adapter while updating and please do not use the system until it restarts after the update.

If possible I would also request you check for system functionality with a known good battery.

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  1. I have been repairing laptops professionally for 14 years and I have had this problem appear in a few laptops over that time. It has sometimes been the battery at fault and sometimes the mainboard. And if I remember rightly, on one or two occasions it was actually software! So it is a bit of a gamble to go out and buy a new battery just to find the fault remains. It might be worth tracking down a used battery which no longer holds a charge – it would cost very little and would be useful just for test purposes…

  2. Summarizing comments:

    Since the issue is only seen when running on battery, it sounds like this might be due to some power saving setting, e.g. a device not entering/exiting a lowered power state correctly. One way to try and troubleshoot this would be to inspect the power setting options.

    So, go to the Power Options in the control panel, and select “Change plan settings” for the active power plan you’re on. From there, make sure to select the “Change advanced power settings” option. You should see a large list of items that have on battery and plugged in settings – make sure the on battery matches plugged in for all of them, and save the plan.

    If no lock ups are seen this way when running on battery, then slowly enable options, until the lock up is seen again, which will isolate exactly what device or setting could be causing issues.

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